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Your company’s plant is shutting down. (Or maybe its just moving a large amount of machinery to make room for something new.)

The powers-that-be (your boss, the owner, a board) are asking you to put together a plan for emptying the facility, perhaps in preparation for listing the property on the real estate market (or to make room for the new equipment that’s scheduled to be installed in a few months.) They may not know the best course to take here, but they want to hear a plan that makes sense.

What you COULD do:

  • Contact a demolition company to break down the large manufacturing lines you have and give you a quote based on scrap, but you would be leaving money on the table with this option.
  • Try to list and sell the machinery yourself, but just because you understand the market for your products doesn’t mean you know the market for your used machinery that make those products. Do you REALLY want to make promises you’re not sure if you can keep?

What you SHOULD do:

  • Hire a company that can MAXIMIZE your financial recovery through a process built for it:
    • Evaluation: Appraisal, Inventory, Consulting, Budgeting, Timeline, Project Managing
    • Promotion: Spec Writing, Ad Materials, Research & Strategy, Marketing Execution
    • Sales: Live Auctions, Online Auctions, Negotiated Sales, Sealed Bidding
  • Hire a company that can MANAGE the entire project:
    • Demolition
    • Rigging
    • Environmental Controls
    • Electrical & Wiring
    • Real Estate
    • And more!
  • Hire a company that can do this in a time frame that works for you.
  • RECOVER EVERTHING NOW! This is a turn-key solution for your plant decommissioning project.

Before you go back to your boss, the owner, the board members with a plan (or if you are the boss, the owner, or the board), contact us first and we’ll put together a project proposal that makes sense for your company. Start today by contacting us now!


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