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AVAILABLE NOW – Asking $19,995.00

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This GBT Greener Blast High Performance Slurry Blast Machine is available for sale by negotiated sale. It is located in Washington, MO. For questions about the machinery, make offers, or to schedule an appointment to inspect, contact either Bob Findeiss (636-390-3372).

Asking $19,995.00


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Closing December 18


Washington, MO


Schedule appointment with Bob Findeiss (636-390-3372).

GBT Greener Blast High Performance Slurry Blast Machine; 2015 vintage, serial number GBT1-G20-121, certified by Helfrich Bros. Boiler Works, Tare Wt. 1030 lbs, Gross Wt. 2900 lbs, MAWP = 150 psi @ 250 degrees, MDMT = 0 degrees @ 150 psi, MSN 759-1598.