Allegheny DS 150 88/66 Push Pull Die Separator

Made in 2006 with original cost of $116,000.00

Available for Sale

This surplus asset from Modine Manufacturing is located in Trenton, MO. See specs for the item below. For questions about the machinery and auction, make offers, or to schedule an appointment to inspect, contact either Bob Findeiss (636-390-3372) or Jesse Lange (314-800-5504).

Made in 2006 with original cost of $116,000


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Trenton, MO


Schedule appointment with Bob Findeiss (636-390-3372) or Jesse Lange (314-800-5504).



Weight: Separator – 17,500 lbs. Push-Pull Table – 4,000 lbs.
Capacity 7.5 tons (15,000 lbs.)
Lift Capacity 4.0 tons (8,000 lbs.)
Dimensions 12′-6″” wide x 5’6″ deep x 9′-0″ high (approx.)
Capacity Max: 84″R-L x 60″F-B x 24″ shut height



The unit is constructed of structural steel, tubing and plate members welded into a heavy duty unit suitable for industrial applications. The unit will consist of a lower bed frame, a rotating upper bed assembly and the structural frame weldment.


Lower Bed Frame

This assembly will be equipped with fork truck pockets in bottom plate to allow dies to be loaded and unloaded via fork truck. The bed will be equipped with two locating pins to position the Die on the centerline. Once the Die is located in position, clamps will be mounted to secure the Die to the bed. Fourteen (14) 44-inch long, one-inch T-slots will be used for clamping. The bed is to positioned at 24-inches off the floor for loading and unloading. The bolster is fixed in place and has three airbag die lifters to aid powered push/pull of bottom die in and out of the die manipulator onto the rear 112-inch long bolster extensions with fixed die rollers on 12″ centers. New lift capacity of the die rollers is 20,700 @ 90 psi.


Rotating Upper Bed:

The upper bed will be used to separate and rotate the upper Die half. The bed will raise and lower on four (4) ball screws mounted within the structural frame of the manipulator. In addition the bed will rotate 180 degrees. The bed will be equipped with a helical bevel gear drive arrangement providing the rotation for the bed. The upper bed will lower for closing the die after rotation. Both die halves will be clamped using LTS “Half-turn” Mechanical Die Clamps. The ram will have fourteen (14) one-inch T-slot rails, 60-inches long for clamping. Functions for the platen will be via electric motors controlled by a pushbuttons located on panel box cover on left-hand side of unit. Adjustable die stop on platen will be positioned by operator prior to rotation.


Safety Features:

  1. Push-button controls for all functions mounted on the face of the control panel box, left side of frame.
  2. Upper bed rotates in one direction. adjustable die stop bolted into position by operator.
  3. “E”-stop on face of control panel box to stop all functions 4. Die must be lowered halfway down in order to rotate, no chance of contact with frame.
  4. Automatic shutdown of upper platen upon contact with lower half.